Film focusses on McCormick's ordeal (con't)

McCormick’s ordeal occurred when she was coming home with friends from Detroit in 1976.

Her car broke down just minutes from the Windsor Detroit Tunnel.

She was 19 at the time.

She was kidnapped, beaten and gang-raped at gunpoint.

McCormick's assailants called her The Queen’s Daughter because she was from Canada and they though Canada was like Britain since the Queen's picture is on our currency.

The film has already won a number of awards at festivals.

Scheirich, the director, originally from Windsor and who now lives in Toronto, paid for the film himself and wrote the screenplay.

He says what drew him to the film was, “The power and the importance of the story.

“I've always been drawn to films which move me emotionally.

"After reading the book The Queen's Daughter I was convinced that I could make a powerful film out of the source material.”

Another important factor was that “it was a Windsor story,” he said.

Scheirich praised Polansky in the lead role.

“She's daring, confident and very talented.

"This role was not just physically demanding but psychologically stressful.”

In the years since the attack McCormick has devoted herself to issues around raising awareness of sexual assault and treatment.

Her book describes the ordeal and aftermath of being a rape victim.

McCormick is past president of the local sexual assault crisis centre.

Meanwhile she has lived a normal life including running a business and raising a family.

She was president of the Windsor Women’s Economic Forum and is a former Rotarian.

McCormick won the 2009 Athena Award from the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“To this date, 35 years after the ordeal, my case is still the worst and most highly publicized case of sexual assault in Detroit history,” she told

McCormick calls the film a “powerful, positive message for all victims of crime.”

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