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Terror and air security (continued)

Now comes this alleged Al Qaeda fanatic flying out of Amsterdam who apparently tried to blow up the plane with very small explosive devices taped inside his underwear and with a syringe. He was in the restroom for 20 minutes prior to returning to his seat and putting a blanket over himself. Now there is talk of restricting passengers’ time in restrooms, and airlines are already implementing bans on movements around the cabin in the last hour of flight, the use of blankets, and limiting carry-on luggage to one bag. Abdulmutallab only had a carry-on bag and no checked luggage. Hello? Furthermore this character was already known to authorities through the Terrorist Screening Data Base for having a possible terror link but without sufficient evidence to place him on a no-fly list. Like in the case of the 9/11 attackers this guy was known to international law enforcement. Yet he was still allowed to fly. And, again, regular passengers are taking the blame – with increased restrictions, limitations on baggage, longer security lines. Here’s a hint to airline and security personnel: start treating these extremely rare incidents like crimes. When murders, muggings and assaults occur we don’t change everyone’s behaviour. Stop blaming innocent passengers and clean up your own incompetence. Dec 27, 2009

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