Harper miscalculated in proroguing Parliament?

majority of Canadians don’t give a winter’s snowball about what’s going on on Parliament Hill. And he's probably right.

But that’s no reason to exploit us and speaks to his cynicism and manipulation.

The problem is, he may have over calculated. There seems to be some traction to grassroots' protests against the suspension.

As of today some 150,000 people had joined the Facebook group Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament. Demonstrations are planned, including one in Windsor.

Harper’s only explanation for killing Parliament is to “recalibrate” the government’s agenda. He also noted it’s no big deal.

Indeed Parliament has been prorogued more than 100 times in its history. All governments have done it in case the holier-than-thou Liberals are wondering.

Meanwhile Parliament is just being suspended six weeks with a new budget and Speech from the Throne the first week of March.

The Winter Olympics would have diverted the nation - and MPs - attention for two or more weeks anyway.

The Liberals, who also do nasty things like kill judicial inquiries into the death of foreign nationals by Canadian soldiers (remember the Shidane Arone affair?) sound hypocritical accusing the Tories of usurping Parliament so an investigation into treatment of Afghan prisoners can’t continue.

Nevertheless there was no good reason for Harper to suspend the elected body.

And doing so will see ending more than 30 pieces of legislation. If the grassroots protest does gain traction among otherwise politically-uninterested Canadians Harper may have outsmarted himself.

Still, the idea the government will be permanently damaged is a long shot.

WindsorOntarioNews.com Jan 11, 2010