Windsor Jail bullying, violence (con't)

point: Windsor Jail. Opened in 1926 the jail has been described as overcrowded and violence-prone. Recently, Superior Court Justice Steve Rogin refused to sentence a prisoner to serve weekends there because of threats of violence. Another person similarly sentenced, and who did not bring contraband into the jail for inmates, allegedly was beaten and paralyzed. Violence in prisons is notorious. But, according to Craig Jones of the John Howard Society, it might be worse in remands, especially older and cramped ones like Windsor Jail. He said many of the people in prison are addicts who, cut off from drugs, become violent. Unlike federal prisons remands don’t have resources to rehabilitate. Drugs also mask mental problems which aren’t being treated. These prisons, Jones said, have become “increasingly less humane.” But our government seems to turn a blind eye. Yes, prisoners have committed crimes. But once incarcerated they should be guaranteed a place that is safe. That's the bargain our justice system is built upon. When it comes to bullying, Ontario authorities think it only takes place in the school yard. Feb 23 2010

Photo by devonhaupt

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