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Government fumbles H1N1 (continued)

ads, glossy home-delivered fliers, and even slicker multi-page pamphlets available at post offices, admonishing us to not believe the skeptics about the H1N1 virus and get the flu shot. Yes there are a lot of skeptics about how severe H1N1 is and whether it’s worse than normal flu. In fact a recent poll found 48 per cent of Canadians were either “not very likely” or “not at all likely” to get a shot. Among the findings 34 per cent thought the vaccine might not be safe and 29 percent feared they could get sick from it. Well, either some of those folks changed their minds by the increasing publicity - hype? - from government, or those in the 52 per cent majority are really - really -concerned about contracting H1N1. Either way, they have been showing up for shots in droves. Government officials, in a great example of condescension, told us masses that it was ever so important to get the shot. But even they have been shocked by turnouts for injections. And of course they fumbled their own program by not having enough vaccine available. Maybe if they spent more money on the vaccine and its distribution and less on the voluminous advertising we’d be better off.


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