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Lawsuits puts province, OPP on trial (continued)

satisfying and a testament to the sheer determination for justice of the plaintiffs who brought it – a Caledonia family who say they have been the victims of lawlessness by native protesters in the community outside Hamilton. David Brown, his wife Dana Chatwell and their son Dax Chatwell, say they have suffered severe abuse since the suburban housing development in which they live was besieged by radical land claims protesters in early 2006 and which continues to this day. This includes having a gun pointed at Brown's head, the family’s belongings smashed, vulgar graffiti spray painted on their walls, hundreds of nails dumped on the driveway, routinely having to go through a native barricade to reach their home, even a curfew imposed by natives. Yet the OPP, alleges Brown, did nothing to prevent any of these actions nor make arrests of those who carried them out. The OPP and McGuinty government have come in for substantial criticism over the last three years for their non-intervention in the dispute yet remain steadfast they will not change their strategy. Their actions more than suggest there are two standards of justice – one for citizens generally and another for native protesters. This form of political correctness can be dangerous and, as we have seen in Caledonia, lead to anarchy. Even if Brown and his family win the lawsuit you can fairly bet the OPP and province will seek an appeal. Bravo to the family, however, for their courage in standing alone and putting the police and province on trial.

WindsorOntarioNews.com Nov 21 2009

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