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Not buying off opponents - official (con't)

A sign in the window welcomes people to drop in and says they can “Receive a Free Gift!!!”

The gifts are travel coffee mugs and caps with the Brookfield logo.

Moorhead said the gifts are part of being a good community neighbour.

“It’s just a way of being part of the community and getting our name in the community so people are aware who we are,” she said.

“We’re certainly a partner in the community now and we plan to be there long term.”

The public is invited to drop into the office Tuesday or Thursday evenings where they can meet Brookfield liason agents Vic Huebert or Harry Dick who have been in the local area as long as eight years or when the project started.

“They are the original people who had gone around and leased the land for us and things like that,” Moorhead said. “So they are very ingrained in the community.”

Moorhead said the agents can explain the projects and wind power generally. There are pamphlets to take away.

Unlike other wind projects Moorhead said there has been no public opposition to Brookfield’s plans.

“Not to ours,” she said. “Our projects have been very well received in the community.”

But Kingsville councillor Tamara Stomp has a different view.

“There was public opposition and much concern,” she said.

Stomp voted against the project and remains strongly opposed.

“Do you have 16 hours?” she said when asked why she is against wind generation.

She rattled off concerns like shadow flicker effect, noise, and bird migratory route disruption.

“And basically I object to the huge government subsidies that could have been paid to individual home owners to put solar panels on their roof or alternative energy systems.”

Instead, she said, “we’re giving (subsidies) to a corporation that gives them to a subsidiary of a subsidiary of a subsidiary, and then gives them to the CAO.”

The Gosfield project will have 22 turbines producing 50 megawatts and is expected to be commissioned and running this fall.

The Comber project will have 72 turbines for 165 MW with construction beginning late fall.


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