Rum runners film features local cast, director (con't)

“One that was also really interesting and would spark a lot of attention and what kept coming to us was the Rum running.”

University of Windsor film professor, producer and director Min Bae will direct the 12 minute short, designed to whet (that’s a pun) the appetite for a longer feature.

“With that if we can spark enough interest within the community we can find the financial support to make it a feature film,” Khan said.

The goal is to have a premier in Windsor and then shop the film to various festivals, primarily Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The filmmakers have received some money from the city’s arts, culture and heritage fund and are doing online fundraising at

The movie is based on actual people from the era.

One is Bertha Thomas, a divorced woman who for survival purposes opens a speakeasy.

The film’s character is Edith played by veteran actor Tracey Atin.

Meanwhile gun-toting pastor Leslie Spracklin is a prohibitionist who also just happens to makes hooch on the side.

The characters “were actually competing against each other and that’s what our story focuses on,” Khan said.

Local actor Peter Coady plays Spracklin whose names has been changed to Whitmore.

Caught in “the middle of this war” between the entrepreneurs is a young man Jackson played up-and-comer Dane Fader.

A major fundraiser will be held June 30 at the Walkerville Brewery.

Khan said those attending will not just meet the cast and crew but take part in an “interactive” experience showing how the sets were created.

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased following []

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