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Hot Docs part of this fall's Windsor festival line-up

McDonald has been attending WIFF the last couple of years.

The same is true in reverse.

The people who run WIFF including executive director Vincent Georgie have been making the annual trek to Toronto to catch the Hot Docs festival, which runs every spring and has been a major film event for more than 20 years.

Introductions were made and soon the relationship was created.

McDonald was invited to Windsor and developed a special interest in our fest.

Georgie said McDonald liked the warm atmosphere and how “engaged” the audience in Windsor was.

“Ours is very very much, it’s a peoples’ festival, so it has a feel that he’s always really enjoyed,” Georgie said.

Realizing WIFF was celebrating its 10th anniversary – including an expanded number of days – the two festivals got together and decided to share documentaries.

“They are films that would have made their premiere at Hot Docs that we saw there and then said, ‘Okay this is something we want to bring to Windsor,’” Georgie said.

They will be introduced as Hot Docs premieres.

Georgie pointed to a couple of films he especially likes.

<i>Advanced Style</i> “is really fun,” he said. 

It’s about “supremely stylish glamourous women” well into later age including their 90s.

“You can’t help but smile when you watch,” he said.

Another is <i>Love Me</i>, about Ukrainian mail order brides and the industry surrounding them.

“It’s something you sort of smirk at, the whole idea of mail order brides,” he said.

“But this actually I felt was really quite enlightening.”

The full list of Hot Docs films:

ADVANCED STYLE | D: Lina Plioplyte | USA | 2014

BEFORE THE LAST CURTAIN FALLS | D: Thomas Wallner | Belgium/Canada/Germany | 2014

BRONX OBAMA | D:Ryan Murdock | USA | 2014

HARMONTOWN | D: Neil Berkeley | USA |2014


LOVE ME | D: Jonathon Narducci| USA/Ukraine | 2014

POINT AND SHOOT | D: Marshall Curry | USA/Canada, 2014

WRITE DOWN, I AM AN ARAB | D: Ibtisam Mara'ana-Menuhin | Israel/Palestine | 2014

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