Barn theatre opts for second season, more unconventional venues (con't) 

Tymec is now negotiating with Phog Lounge downtown as a possible future space for his plays because management at the pub “want to do theatre.”

He’s also interested in the venerable old Walkerville Theatre, recently purchased by Mary and Andy Lambros, with the aim of holding arts performances in the Walkerville business district.

“That’s reopened twice in the last decade and both times it's reopened I’ve done shows there and I’ve really liked the space, Tymec said.

Meanwhile Theatre in the Barn is a go for a second year.

“We’re happy enough with the numbers,” he said.

“I means we expected a lot of ups and downs the first season anyway because people are sort of getting their head around the concept.”

This is the first time, at least in recent memory, for summer stock-type theatre locally.

How did it happen?

Tymec hooked up with Ron Lapointe who owns the canoe company.

“He (Lapointe) also likes to do themed tours so he hired me to help put together a few of those,” Tymec said.

The tours have included the increasingly popular ghost tours during the month of October.

“Then (Lapointe) had been reading on line about this trend that’s going on in North America where farmers are actually converting their barns to theatre spaces for the summer.”

During the summer Tymec has also been producing plays written by Joey Ouellette, best known for his Purple Theatre Company.

“I’ve used a couple of his scripts because Joey writes great minimalism,” Tymec said.

However, next year, Tymec said he’ll probably just produce three rather than four plays at the barn.

“It’s just that the turnover is tough more than anything just producing four plays in the span of three months,” he said. “It’s a little tiring.”

Tickets are $15, the theatre seats 40 – on chairs not bales of hay, Tymec laughs – and there is a non-alcoholic concession.

Tymec typically produces his plays at KordaZone Theatre on Seminole St. in Windsor.

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