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Ambassador Bridge company desperate? (continued)

Ojibway Prairie Complex and there should be alternative ways of transporting cargo across the border such as rail.

Still, the two groups putting in the same request looks somewhat funny given the Ambassador Bridge has often been attacked on both sides of the border by citizens’ groups over the way it treats neighbourhoods like southwest Detroit and west Windsor.

Meanwhile, word comes from the U.S. side that the Ambassador Bridge has offered to make a deal with the State of Michigan.

It would offer monies to the cash-strapped state from its investment of an estimated $400 million of work already done on improving the bridge.

This would make up the 20 per cent the state needs to get 80 per cent in future federal funding for highway projects.

This kind of equivalent private investment is allowed under U.S. law. Michigan faces losing $475 million in federal funds in 2011 alone because it can’t come up with $84 million in matching dollars.

But one catch: the company says the state would have to agree to not use any of that money on the DRIC project.

Also recently the company bought a parcel of land in Delray, a sliver of which would be needed by DRIC for its new bridge ramp.

The state says it is not bothered, however, because it has the right to expropriate if the company doesn’t sell.

It's amazing the extent the bridge company seemingly is going to throw road blocks in the way of DRIC.

But it makes perfect sense if you have a monopoly on the cash cow that is the Ambassador Bridge.

WindsorOntarioNews.com Jan 15, 2010

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