Parkway construction underway (con't)

The project is creating about 140 jobs.

The biggest part of the project is construction of two bridges.

One is located where Hwy. 3 will pass over the Windsor-Essex Parkway.

The other will carry a future off-ramp from Hwy. 401 westbound to Hwy. 3 and what will be a realigned Howard Ave.

“Work on the bridge foundations is currently underway,” Ministry spokeswoman Heather Grondin said.

Construction started in December and will take about a year to complete.

In March, construction began on the two-kilometre noise barrier, from Howard Ave. to North Talbot Rd.

The five-metre high barrier “will provide effective noise mitigation” during DRIC construction and when the Parkway is opened to traffic, she said.

Asked what area will next be in line for work, Grondin said work is taking place “along the Parkway corridor” as the ministry continues “to make progress” on matters related to utility relocations, property acquisition and “species at risk mitigation.”

Other activities like surveying and geotechnical testing are also “underway throughout the corridor.”

Mero Ave., just south of Howard Ave. and west of Hwy. 3 – a block with several handsome and relatively new homes – now seems ghostly since the houses have been abandoned to make way for the Parkway.

“All of the homes on Mero Avenue were acquired amicably under a property purchase agreement and are owned by MTO,” Grondin said.

They are expected to be demolished this summer or fall.

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