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WFCU Centre's "value added" plan

It can be anything from a package where a customer buys tickets to an event along with a meal, or gets a hot dog and pop with paid admission.

The Centre is doing that with its upcoming Cirque du Soleil shows in November.

“We definitely will be exploring in terms of partnerships with local business and local restaurants and that kind of thing,” she said. “We need to add value to the ticket.”

Darmon said it’s also an acknowledgement that Windsor has a tough economy with lots of people “holding on to their dollars.”

Meanwhile the WFCU Centre has no plans to deviate from its previous plans to book the type of non-sports (meaning largely Windsor Spitfires) acts it has booked until now.

For example, fewer crowds for Canadian music acts won’t deter managers from continuing to book home grown talent. The WFCU Centre has Hedley coming Sept. 25.

“Of course that’s a struggle that we deal with,” Darmon said.

But she said staff is “not going to, I guess, use that as an excuse.”

Rather, they are going to tweak their marketing to focus on specific demographics and ”getting out” the word.

“We want people to stay in Windsor so we’re going to do what we can to promote these shows and bring high calibre acts in, that will allow people to stay in Windsor instead of going across the border.”

The bottom line for management seems to to be that the arena is still new, so no worries, at least for the time being.

“The numbers don’t worry us,” Darmon said.

“That’s something that we’re building on. We’re a very new bldg. There’s a lot of transition and a lot of change that goes on when you’re a new building, so we’re not worried, we have a plan going forward and were going to stick to that plan and we’ll see the numbers increase year over year over year.”


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