Daycare decision fallout (continued)

employment. But there’s lots of speculation Marra simply wanted to duck the debate – and any political fallout to him – over the issue. Two other councillors, Ron Jones and Caroline Postma, also had questionable reasons for not taking part, but the concern here is really with Marra. Marra is thought of as mayoral material and may challenge for the job in October's election. The councillor is personable, smart, and has a good track record. Remember his yeoman service in exposing the MFP

contracts scandal a few years back? But his decision to not confront a highly necessary debate raises questions about his leadership skills. If he cannot take part in a matter like closing daycares, what will he do if there are tougher issues to confront? Does it also mean he lacks the ability to stand up to special interest groups?

The second matter is Essex County’s reaction to the decision. County politicians have taken umbrage the city axed the daycares - two of which are in the county – without consultation, and are now threatening non-cooperation with the city on other regional matters. The Tecumseh and Amherstburg daycares were highly underutilized. If elected county officials are so concerned about daycare services in those communities what’s to prevent them from jumping into the breach and funding them? Feb 5, 2010

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