Bill Clinton at Enviro-Expo (continued)

“He gave us a tremendous discount when it came to his fees,” the foundation’s fund development officer Chris Uszynski said. Clinton, he added, “really wanted to make the Enviro-Expo a success.”

Enviro-Expo 2010 will be the area’s first environmental consumer show and will focus on a wide variety of green lifestyle services and products.

Uszynski said Clinton also “understands the issues of what was happening in this region – economically, environmentally.”

Asked if he could disclose how much the former United States president is being paid, Uszynski said he couldn’t, noting that “by law I can’t, it’s in the contract. I can’t disclose any details of the contract.”

Clinton made $8 million from speechmaking last year, Uszynski said.

Uszynski said none of Clinton’s payment would come out of the foundation’s direct budget, which is used to pay for initiatives such as acquiring environmentally sensitive land and tree planting. But Clinton’s expenses will be paid the same as those of any other speaker. “We put on the event and we get the net proceeds off ticket sales.”

Uszynski said there will also be sponsors for the event. Clinton will speak at Caesars Windsor’s 5000 seat Colosseum and the foundation has no doubt the event will be sold out. “He will sell that hall at twice over,” Uszynski said.

Tickets are priced at $68, $88, $115 and $175. There are 50 seats “where you can actually get to meet and greet Bill Clinton at $1500.”

Uszynski said that if, say, the average ticket price is $100, “you can figure out the gross revenue,” adding, “This will be our major fundraiser, we will make money at Bill Clinton.” That money in turn will “go to pay for trail development and land acquisition, planting trees.”

Clinton will talk about several of his global initiatives and especially about climate change.

“He’s going to be talking about how all of us can do our part and make a difference,” Uszynski said. “And he’s going to hopefully talk about the Great Lakes and water quality.”

The expo runs April 15 – 18.

Windsor Ontario News

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