Canada Post (continued)

Residents had gone as many as four days without delivery and the town “received a number of calls expressing concern” about lack of delivery, Lou Zarlenga, manager of public services, stated in the letter.

The letter said Canada Post “confirmed” it is “not sending their personnel” into the construction zone nor will it “release resident mail to town staff to assist in delivery.”

Instead it advised residents to pick their mail up at a nearby postal outlet at the Rexall pharmacy on Sandwich St.

Canada Post spokesman Tom Creech said it has long been post office policy not to have staff enter construction areas. On Laird Ave. not only is the roadway dug up but the sidewalks as well. “There’s no safe area where people can access it,” he said.

He said letter carriers do not wear protective shoes, helmets or reflective vests. He said the policy has been “in place forever in terms of delivery.”

He said usually in these situations the post office arranges for alternative pickups such as at post offices or temporary group boxes.

Creech said he couldn’t account for why the delay between when the mail was stopped and when the notices were delivered to residents.

But he said the town “did not indicate that the construction on Laird was going to be as extensive as what it was.”

He said Canada Post was under the impression letter carriers “were basically going to go up one side of the street and down the other which would have given our employees access or would have allowed them to deliver the mail.”

Creech said the post office will be monitoring the situation on “a weekly basis.” Construction is due to end Dec. 15 but if the street is safe for letter carriers before that time they will return, he said.

Windsor Ontario News

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